Global Access Remote Control Device
Looking for seamless, remote access to your sensor data?

The XI-100 terminal provides you with a robust and rugged transmission platform for all your remote sensor data. Any sensor capable of transmitting data via an Ethernet connection can be connected to the XI-100, instantly providing world wide communication capabilities. With the integrated Iridium transceiver the XI-100 is able to transmit emails via the SBD mode or facilitate a high bandwidth peer to peer connection.

Key Features

  • Embedded TCP/IP server
  • View your remote equipment’s web pages from your office PC
  • Control power, download data, view health status
  • Ethernet enabled
  • Xeos proprietary heater system modification allows transmissions possible down to -55 deg.
  • Ultra-Low standby power consumption
  • Allows continuous circuit switched connections

The XI-100 is fully backed by a comprehensive warranty and excellent support you can be confident this is a tool you’ll come back to time and time again.


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