Xeos announces launch of KILO Subsurface Beacon

Xeos announces launch of KILO Subsurface Beacon

Xeos proudly announces the latest mooring beacon in its product catalogue, the Kilo. True to its name, the Kilo is a subsurface beacon which can be deployed at depths of up to 1000 m, for up to 1 year. “Customers told us they needed a reliable, mid-depth beacon that was more user friendly than other products on the market. We designed the Kilo around their needs.”, says Derek Inglis, President.

Those customer driven features have resulted in a small, sleek beacon with a replaceable battery pack in a pressure tested marine enclosure. The proprietary water sense circuit provides for immediate notification upon surfacing. When a surfacing event occurs, planned or otherwise, the Kilo uses GPS technology to quickly determine its location at the surface and transmits that position using the latest Iridium transceiver, the 9602. Optionally, the Kilo’s notification function can be activated upon tilt.

Once on the surface and transmitting, the battery pack will provide up to 90 days of data even after a yearlong deployment. The two way nature of the Iridium transceiver allows the user to reprogram the frequency of the notifications thereby making it easier to retrieve or extend the life of the battery.

One of the features most appreciated by beta testers has been the customer replaceable battery pack. The integrated AA battery pack is housed inside the sealed enclosure but careful engineering has provided for the customer to open the housing, replace the batteries, and still be ensured of a watertight seal to 1000m.

For more information or customer testimonials contact Darren at Darren@xeostech.com.