Miniaturized Argos Transmitter
Argos integration made simple

The Hammerhead is a fully functional Argos PTT (stand-alone transmitter) that can be quickly integrated into mission specifc packages, or used alone to gather Doppler based position information. The Hammerhead benefts from an incredibly small package and advanced power management, making it an ideal choice for long range, long term monitoring projects. Advanced firmware provides multiple options for remote sensors and data acquisition. 

Key Features

  • Small Size: 2.41” X 0.61” X 0.21” (unshielded)
  • Integrated 3-axis accelerometer
  • Encapsulated version available for high pressure marine applications
  • Extremely low power consumption for extended operations

The Hammerhead is feld proven to provide excellent results in the harshest environments. Fully backed by a comprehensive warranty and excellent support you can be confdent this is a tool you’ll come back to time and time again. To arrange a demonstration or to learn more about our products please contact us at the numbers below.

2.26” Long x 0.67” Wide x 0.18” High

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