About Us

About Us


Xeos Technologies Inc. was incorporated in 2004 with an aim to bring together a diverse and experienced skill set to develop leading wireless telemetry products. The three founding managers have a combined experience of over 60 years in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software development and manufacturing.

Lab Facilities

  • Pressure Test Chamber
  • Environmental Test Chamber
  • Network Analyzer
  • Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer
  • Agilent Technologies Digital Multimeter
  • Permanently installed Iridium and Argos antenna
  • Vacuum Chamber


Xeos can integrate various GPS, satellite data, line-of-sight and local radio network solutions into powerful data collection platforms.

What We Do

Xeos is committed to serving the scientific community with the best data collection solutions found anywhere. Xeos has a sincere interest in helping further scientific understanding by providing cost effective solutions that incorporate satellite, VHF, UHF, cellular, GPS and low power wireless network integration. By making use of the latest radio technologies, firmware tools, application software and robust mechanical packaging, Xeos is expanding the limits for data telemetry products. Xeos works hand in hand with scientists and operational personnel to develop rugged state of the art products.

Bring Us Your Challenge

Xeos offers product development that can customize any solution. We offer prototyping expertise and full testing analysis before deployment. Whether it’s an alpine remote satellite transceiver that works on it’s own power for years or a monitoring radio beacon at the bottom of the ocean, Xeos can customize any solution to meet demanding requirements.

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