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The Hammerhead is a fully functional Argos PTT (stand-alone transmitter) that can be quickly integrated into mission specific packages or used alone to gather Doppler based position information. The Hammerhead achieves a high percentage of Class III fixes (accurate to <250m) while benefiting from an incredibly small package and advanced power management, making it an ideal choice for long range, long term monitoring. Advanced firmware provides multiple options for remote sensors and data acquisition.

Available Accessories

Description SKU
Battery Pack for Hammerhead PTT Hammerhead-BP
Extra Cables for Hammerhead PTT Hammerhead-Cables
Case for Hammerhead PTT Kit Hammerhead-Case
Key Features: 
  • Small Size: 2.26” x .67” x .18” w/o connectors (unshielded)
  • Integrated 3-axis accelerometer
  • Encapsulated version available for high pressure marine applications
  • Extremely low power consumption for extended operations
Base FunctionFully compliant ARGOS PTT
Programmable FunctionsRepetition Period, Transmit Frequency
SensorsAccelerometer & Temeprature
Supply Voltage6V - 12 V
Sleep Current <30uA
Transmit Current350 mA @ 6.5V
RF Output Power800 mW Nominal
Antenna Output Impedance50 ohms nominal
Transmit Frequency14 channels, user selectable
TTL Level Serial9600 baud
BootloaderAllows user firmware upgrades
Dimensions2.26" x 0.67" x 0.18" w/o connectors
WeightUncast: 4g; Cast: 6g
ConnectorsMultiple connector options available
Operating Temperature-30 deg C to +70 deg C
Storage Temperature-50 degC to +80 deg C

Available Models

SKU Product Product image
Hammerhead Miniature Argos PTT
Hammerhead-BWS Hammerhead-BWS - Replacement Argos PTT

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