Casabel Mooring Beacons Still in Field
March 6, 2015 - Dartmouth, NS

Xeos Technologies, a global exporter of surface and deep-water asset recovery beacons, is celebrating the 9th anniversary of the sale of their very first Iridium mooring recovery beacon.

The Iridium satellite constellation is a truly global communication system utilizing Low Earth Orbit satellites. It is as accessible at the poles as populous parts of the planet, making it very popular with the scientific and military communicates.

Xeos Technologies, founded in 2004, began experimenting with Iridium communication as an option for sub-surface asset recovery beacons. In March of 2006, they sold their first Iridium mooring beacon, a CASABEL. The CASABEL is still in use today at a number of marine institutes.  

Casabel Mooring Beacon

“Its hard to believe it has been 9 years already,” says Darren Penney, Director of Business Development, Environmental Monitoring. “We’re proud to have been so early to market with this product. It has proven to be an incredibly useful tool for the marine research institutes and scientists we work with. Their feedback has helped us continue to develop exciting new products almost every year since based on the Iridium platform.”

Xeos Technologies, now known globally for their rugged, innovative marine asset recovery beacons and polar data relays, has experienced steady growth in part due to their robust line of Iridium based products.  Today, their products are in use around the world’s oceans and recently played a part in the historic Leggo Lander expedition to the bottom of Challenger Deep. Xeos continues to innovate using the Iridium communication platform, among others, and looks forward to many anniversaries to come.

Casabel Mooring Beacon  installed with bracket

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